Disappointed? I think not

Life has too many disappointments to wallow in every single one of them.

Just today, in some sudden burst of brilliance I realised the actual purpose of dreams: to remind us of how ordinary this world really is. Dreams show us what we want to see, what our inate little consciousness desires. The heartbreak we experience on earth are only tests, tests that determine if you are strong enough to withstand the hardship and push through to the light at the end of the tunnel without faltering. This is life that we have to face. Some struggles are worse than others, but all fall under the same collective category: struggles.

“The best of people receive the hardest of tests.” I keep this in mind when hearing about the Palestinian crisis. It breaks my heart to know that innocent people are being brutally massacred as we speak, but it makes me smile to hear them still praying to God for forgiveness and refuge. It is their unfettered belief I hope to achieve one day. To be able to smile through every low-blow life throws at me. Palestine, I salute you.




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